My newly nudist twin sister [Brother/Sister]

My sister Amy and I are fraternal twins. We have always been close, like I consider her to be my best friend. This is our first year in college, and I hadn’t seen her since late summer when we both went away to different schools. I got into U of A (Arizona) and she went to University of Miami. We talk and text, but not as much since school started. I had a long weekend last weekend, and she suggested I come visit her. (BTW, totally unrelated, but when your mom is a flight attendant, life is good – you can fly standby anytime for free, so we are a family that is used to jumping on a plane on short notice.)

Anyway, I took a redeye out to Miami, and she picked me up at the airport. It was early in the morning. She had a big hug for me and a kiss on the cheek, and it was great to see her. My sister is cute. She has a wry sense of humor, always deadpan. Freckles on her nose, dirty blonde hair, nice petite body.

“It’s so great to see you, Dave,” she said.

“You too, Amy. You look great!” I replied.

“Do I look older? More studious, perhaps?” She joked as we got into the car.

“I don’t know about that, but you certainly seem relaxed.”

I immediately noticed that she looked like she really settled into the South Florida lifestyle. She was wearing yoga shorts and a tank top, and she was more tan than I had ever seen her before. (We lived in the Chicago suburbs before – not exactly beachy.)

We chatted all the way to her place, which is near Coral Gables, which is a bit inland. She lives off campus in a studio apartment. Nothing fancy, but nice enough for a student, and really nice not to have roommates.

“I love it here,” She said.

“I’ll bet. Tell me about it.”

“I just feel…free. Not that we had it bad in Chicago, but being on my own is everything I hoped it would be. It’s really making me let my hair down a lot.”

I should mention that my sister has always been a bit conservative. Not prude, mind you, just buttoned up. She’s very pretty, but you wouldn’t think she was trying to be “sexy” by the way she dressed, for instance. So it was good to hear that being away at college had changed her a bit.

“So, like, in what way?” I asked. She told me about being on her own, she actually drinks wine now, something she never cared for, and then she says this:

“Also, I am a nudist now.”

That was like a needle going off the record.

“Wait what? What have you done with my sister!”

“Haha! I know! I’m like a different person now already!”

“Wait so what does that mean? You just walk around naked? Like in public?”

“Sort of. I mean, like when I’m at home, I just feel better with no clothes on. And a little north of here there is a nude beach I go to a lot now. It’s not sexual. It’s just freeing. You should try it.”

“Um no. I don’t think the world needs to see my white ass.”

“Haha, ok well we’re here. Let’s run upstairs and drop your stuff at my place, change, go get some breakfast, and then have a proper Miami weekend.”

Her place is small, but it has everything you need. It’s just one room, a bed, a little kitchenette, a desk and the bathroom. I changed into some board shorts and a t-shirt in the bathroom and off we went.

We went to breakfast and talked some more. By the time we finished it was around 11am.

“Time for the beach!” She said, “I’m taking you to Haulover Beach.”

“Is that a good beach?”

“It’s the nude beach,” She replied simply.

“Amy, there is no way I am taking my clothes off on the beach.”

“You don’t have to, silly. It’s clothing optional. You have the option. I just want you to see how normal it is. It’s not like some beer commercial fantasy. It’s just regular people being comfortable in their skin.”

“Wait. You are going to be naked?” I asked.

“Yep. Can’t really be a nudist if you can’t be naked in front of your family. Would it make you uncomfortable?”

“No, I guess not. It’s just…different.”

We shared a bathroom back home, so I’ve occasionally seen her naked, but never intentionally, and I never thought much of it.

We parked inland and walked through a tunnel to get to the beach, carrying our stuff. There were, in fact, a lot of naked people, and it was, in fact NOT a beer commercial. There were people of all ages and all body types. Didn’t seem like a big deal, but it is a little jarring at first.

We put down our towels and dropped our stuff and I sat down on my towel and kicked off my flipflops. Amy stood in front of me.

“You wanna see me naked?” She laughed.

“Are you serious right now?” I said.

And just like that she pulled off her tank top and sport bra. And then I was staring at her small, firm breasts. I noticed a complete lack of tanlines. Her flat stomach was accentuated with a navel piercing. I was feeling nervous, so I mentioned it.

“When did you pierce your belly button?”

“Really? That’s what you’re gonna comment on?”

“Ok. Also, nice boobs?”

“That’s better,” she said. Then in one quick movement, she hooked her thumbs into her yoga shorts and pulled them down, kicking them into my lap with the flick of her foot. She stood there with her hands on her hips, waiting for me to say something. I was staring at my sister’s fully shaven pussy for the first time, and it was surprising. I started to get hard. Her pussy is a definite “innie” and just a perfect shape. I had never thought of my sister in a sexual way before, but staring at that pussy made me want to eat that pussy. (I’m a guy. What can I say.)

“Um,” I stuttered.

“I know,” she said. “It’s a little weird at first. Some girlfriends took me here my first time and for the first hour I was totally nervous, but then it just wasn’t a big deal anymore and I just felt free.”

“Right. This is definitely weird.”

“Come on. You’ve seen me naked before.”

“Not like this. Not eye-level with your pussy.”

“Well get used to it, buttercup! I’m going to take a dip. You want to come?”

“Not right now,” I said. “I’ll go in a bit.” There was no way I was standing up with my raging hard on.

With that, she turned and jogged toward the water. Can I just say her ass is incredible? She’s young, obviously, and fit, but even so, her ass is tight and small, and she had no tan lines. I definitely was not going to mind looking at that all day.

After a while, she came back, wet and glistening, her perky nipples fully erect. She stood in front of me and put her hair in a pony tail and I got to stare at her perfect pussy again. Then she laid down on the towel next to me.

“Still weird?” She asked. “Yep.” I said. We both laughed.

“Do you still have a boner?” She asked. I immediately went red.

“You noticed that? It’s just what happens in the presence of hot naked girls.”

“I understand. You’re a guy. But it happens to me, too. Maybe that’s why I like being naked.” She laughed.

I was in uncharted territory. We were quiet for a few minutes and then she turned over on her stomach.

“I’m dry enough now. Will you put some sunscreen on my back?” She asked.


I popped the cap on the sunscreen and squirted some on her back and she arched her back.

“That’s cold!”

“Sorry,” I said, as I began rubbing it in.

I started at her shoulders and worked my way down, slowly carressing my sister’s naked body and wondering how far I was supposed to go. Within a few seconds I went from just rubbing lotion on like you would normally do it, to slowly and methodically rubbing, the way you would if you were trying to make it feel good. When I got to her lower back, she said, “Keep going. We’re going to get you over your nudity phobia cold turkey!” Okay, so more new territory for us as I started rubbing lotion onto her butt cheeks one by one. I scooted down and kneeled by her thighs and she spread her legs slightly, which I took as a cue to do her inner thighs and her legs, too. So there I was, rubbing my sister’s ass with both hands, spreading her butt cheeks and staring at her asshole and her totally bald pussy, and as I spread her cheeks apart her pussy lips spread apart and I saw a little rivulet of grool drip out of her pussy and onto the towel. I thought I would try to make her feel as uncomfortable as me.

“Amy,” I deadpanned. “Your pussy is leaking.”

“Totally normal,” she said without missing a beat, with her face still turned to the side, eyes closed.

Damn. I thought better of actually rubbing lotion into her pussy, but I sure did stare at it a good long while. After I finished her legs, I didn’t know what else to do as she lay motionless, so I just took off my shirt and laid down and fell asleep for a bit. I woke up maybe an hour later and I was sweaty. Amy was sitting up on her towel, just staring at the water.

“I think I’ll go for a swim,” I said.

“With those on?” she asked, nodding at my shorts.

“Is it seriously such a big deal?”

“I just want you to experience it. I swear you’ll love it. Come on. I’m sitting here buck naked and it’s not even weird anymore, is it?”

She had a point. The initial excitement I felt before was now gone.

“I guess not,” I said.

“See? Just try it.”

“What? Just like that? Just take off my shorts and walk around?”

“Yep. Quick like a band aid. Don’t even think about it.”

“Seriously.” My heart starting thumping. I don’t know why it was such a big deal, but it was. I think I just decided “fuck it” and I knew I was about to show my sister my dick and I started to get hard again. But I was already mentally committed and the pants were already coming off. I was laying down, so I arched my hips and quickly pulled my shorts down to reveal my now completely hard cock, and there was no undoing it. I laid there, my heart pounding.

“Happy now?” I asked, my voice cracking.

“Yes.” Amy said, but it was a bit of a whisper. She was staring at my cock. “You are having the same reaction I did my first time. I got super wet. I don’t know why. It just felt so erotic even though I was just with some friends. I think I’m an exhibitionist.”

“Ok well this ranks up there as the weirdest experience of my life.”

“What? Am I making you uncomfortable?”

“This whole day is making me uncomfortable,” I said.

“You’ll see. It’ll feel normal in an hour.”

“Well, I’ve changed my mind about going for a swim.”

She laughed. “Yeah, let’s wait until your situation there subsides a bit. Hey you want me to put sunscreen on you? It’s only fair since you did me, and trust me, you do not want certain things to get sunburned.”

“You’re going to put sunscreen on my dick?”

“It’s just skin.”

“Fuck it. Fine. Do it.” It was at this point that I decided to just stop giving a fuck.

Amy put some sunscreen on my chest and slowly rubbed it across my top and onto my shoulders. I laid my head down and closed my eyes. I felt her hands move further down my stomach. Meanwhile, my cock was throbbing and I could feel it pulsing. When she got down below where my waistline would be, my cock twitched. What happened next was unexpected. Amy gently cupped my hard cock in both hands and started to slowly massage sunscreen all over it.

“Sorry bro,” I heard a catch in her voice. “But we don’t want this getting sunburned.”

And then she rubbed some more lotion onto my balls and she was so gentle and methodical that it was literally the best my cock has ever felt. She cupped my balls with one hand and massaged my shaft with the other for a few seconds. And then she stopped.

“Well that was interesting!” She laughed.

“Um yeah, my sister just stroked my dick.”

“It’s not sexual.” She said. “Yes, getting naked is a sexually-charged thing, but I wasn’t stroking per se. I was just rubbing sunscreen on it and you happen to be hard.”

“Ok sure,” I said, and we both laughed.

But anyway now you can just be normal.”

“This is definitely not normal.”

“Well, let’s think of it as the new normal.”

Amy laid down next to me and grabbed my hand and just held it. Then thankfully she just started talking to me like nothing just happened. It was oddly comforting. She told me about school and her new friends. After a few minutes it felt really normal. My boner subsided after a while, and we spent a couple more hours catching up and it was really great. And she was right – after the initial shock of being naked, it soon wore off and just felt kind of normal.

We eventually left, spent the afternoon walking around South Beach, which was fun, and then went back to her place farther south. It was about 5pm. The plan was to get changed and go out around where she lives. When we got to her place, as soon as we got inside she casually took her clothes off and left them in a small pile on the floor.

“Really,” I said.

“What? Am I shocking you with my nudity all of a sudden? You don’t have to. But you’ll feel more awkward being the clothed one.”

I just shrugged and pulled my shorts off then threw my shirt on her bed. Amy was standing in front of the fridge in her little kitchen. She pulled out a bottle of white wine and put some glasses on the counter and poured it out. There was a little table with two chairs we sat on and just drank and talked. It was starting to feel pretty normal. After a while she said, “You want to take a shower and then we can head out?”

“Yeah ok. You want to go first?”

“Or we can go together,” She said flatly, staring at me seductively before cracking into a smile and laughing.

“You know what? We should. After all, it’s not sexual, right?”

“Now you’re getting it!” She said.

But we didn’t actually take a shower together. Her bathroom is really small and the shower stall barely fits one person, much less two. So we sort of traded off. I sat on the counter and talked to her while she showered and then we switched and I showered while she brushed her hair in the mirror. I got dressed before her and sat on her bed while she looked through her closet and pulled out a little blue sun dress that she pulled on over her head without putting on underwear. She strapped on some sandals and we were off. We went to eat and the place had live music so we stuck around for a while. When we got home it wasn’t too late but I was exhausted. Only then did it occur to me that there was one bed and no sofa in her tiny apartment.

Again, the moment we got in the door, Amy pulled off her dress in one smooth movement like it was the most normal thing in the world. It was becoming normal for me, too, and she was right that I would have felt like the weird one not being naked. So I dropped my jeans on the floor and took off my shirt. There we were again, naked. This time we sat on her bed and drank another bottle of wine while we just talked. She was sitting cross-legged in front of me, and I would occasionally glance at her pussy, which was glistening. At some point I started to get hard, and it was really noticeable.

“You’re hard,” Amy said matter-of-factly.

“Yeah. Sorry. I think maybe it’s the wine.”

“And maybe looking at my pussy a little?”

“Right. Also that. Look, I’m sorry. I can’t help it. I see pussy, my brain reacts.”

“It’s ok. I’m not offended.” She paused for a bit and then added, “I also don’t mind looking at your cock. I’ve never seen it hard before. It’s nice.”

“Is it?” I took the opportunity to insert some humor by thrusting my hips up as if to show it off. She laughed.

“Yes!” She laughed. “I honestly haven’t seen anyone’s dick in a while.”

Amy had one serious boyfriend in high school, and they had broken up senior year. After that, she just figured she was going away anyway and that maybe she’d meet someone at college, so the whole summer she hadn’t had sex with anyone, and she hadn’t met anyone at school yet either. I was in the same situation.

“I masturbate a lot,” Amy blurted out, laughing, before downing the rest of her wine.

“Me too,” I said, “I’m a walking dry spell.”

We both laughed for a few seconds. Then Amy cocked her head to one side and said, “Like, how do you do it?”

“What do you mean?”


“Are you serious? You don’t know how this is done?”

“I know how it is done. I mean what’s your technique?”

“Technique? I have to have a technique? I don’t get it. Do you have a technique?”

“Yeah. Maybe girls are different. My friends all do it differently.”

“Really?” I was seriously intrigued by this conversation all of a sudden.

“You remember Rebecca from high school? She used to rub against her teddy bear!” We both laughed. “And this new friend Elena puts her finger in her butt.”

After we stopped laughing, I just asked her, “So how do you do it?”

“What? Oh. On my stomach.”

“What? How does that work?” I said, genuinely confused.

“Like this,” She said, and flipped over on her stomach and reached her hands down under her pelvis to rub her pussy. “I, like, grind my pussy against my hands,” she said as she started slowly rotating her hips as if to demonstrate. I was mesmerized, watching my sister masturbate. And she didn’t stop. This wasn’t like a two-second tutorial. After half a minute it seemed awkwardly silent, and I felt I had to say something.

“So am I really going to watch my sister masturbate right now?”

She laughed and said, “I think so? Now that I’ve started I sort of don’t want to stop. Is it too weird? I can stop.”

“No no,” I said. “It’s fine. This whole day has been totally weird. Why stop now?”

She giggled, but kept slowly and methodically grinding her hips against her hands.

“Make yourself comfortable,” she said, “This may last a while.”

I propped some pillows up against the wall and sat there staring at my sister masturbating. She moved to position herself right in front of me, with her legs spread, facing away.

“Better view?” She asked, grinning.

There was a catch in my voice when I said that it was. I was rock hard, staring at my sister slowly grinding her hips against her hands which were at this point very wet. Every once in a while she would stretch her finger up to her asshole and gently rub it with her wet fingers, circling it and pushing the tip of her finger gently inside.

“You should stroke that hard cock,” she said, her voice different now, more breathy, looking back at it over her shoulder.

I grabbed my shaft and started slowly stroking up and down while she watched me. After a few minutes she buried her face in the mattress and started rocking her hips faster.

“You wanna watch me cum?” she said. I didn’t answer. I was too busy stroking my cock and watching her glistening pussy.

“Oh fuck, oh yes, I’m cumming!” She moaned. She stopped thrusting her hips and I watched her tight little asshole contract hard several times. I stroked my cock faster, feeling an orgasm coming. Amy turned around to face me and just watched. She looked me in the eyes and said quietly, “I want to see you cum.”

That was all it took. Two more strokes and I had the best orgasm of my life. Rope after rope of hot cum spurted from my cock onto my stomach and chest. I panted hard. Amy smiled contentedly.

After a minute we were calmed down and just sitting there. Amy grabbed a t-shirt off the floor and started gently wiping the cum off of my stomach.

“Well that was definitely interesting,” She laughed.

And that wasn’t even the highlight of the weekend.