I think my sister is flirting with me

Long time lurker and just wanted to share my experiences. I’m male (20) and my sister is 18 we’ve never had sex but I think she may have a crush on me. (Of course I’ve had a crush on her while) (I’m sorry for the trash beginning I don’t know how to write this.)

In my house my dad left when I was young so I’ve needed to step up and take on more stuff. It’s only me my sister, (who I’ll call Sam from now on) and my mom. Both of them are hot but I don’t think I have a chance with my mom. Both are brunette and my sister is fit and curvy. As in she has thighs and a ass but she also has some faint abs. Aka she is fucking dreamy.

My mom is not really that fit but she isn’t too bad on the eyes. She has a slight muffin top but amazing tits! She has perky tits for her age (37) and I wish I could fuck them. But anyway.

So this post has been all over the place and I’m sorry for that but let’s try and get back on track. For as long as I can remember our house has been pretty lax on clothing. Like I don’t wear a shirt during summer and my sister will walk around in the morning with a sport bra on and sometimes (if I’m lucky) these boxer brief type things that she usually wears just as underwear. In the winter she obviously doesn’t wear that but luckily she wears big sweatshirts with no bra. (I’m getting hard just thinking about it!) my mom on the other hand usually wears tank tops all year round but most of the time also, with no bra, so basically I’ve been a walking boner for most of my life.

So let’s get to the flirting. My family has this tradition of watching tv together every Sunday night. We usually get into our sleeping clothes, mine is just those athletic short things. (Idk what there called but you probably needed to wear them to your gym classes in school). My sisters is a t shirt, you guessed it, no bra! With either the boxer briefs or these silk type booty shorts. My moms are the same tank top and sleeping shorts.

We have two couches on on the north wall on on the west wall then the tv is on the south and there is a fireplace east. I usually lay on the north couch with my mom and sister on the west. But a few weeks ago my sister switched and started laying with me. Lemme tell you the couch isn’t that wide so when she laid down in front of me her perfect ass was right up against my dick. I could feel my dick getting hard and I started to panic. She took my hand and placed it like on her mid drift while my other arm was under my head. Her hair was in my face but at that point I didn’t care my hard on was pushing against her ass. My shorts don’t do much to hide mini me lemme tell you. It was impossible her not feeling it! But she either didn’t care or didn’t feel it. And I’m not bragging that my dick was too big for her not to feel it I’m saying her ass was so pushed up against my crotch it would be worrying if she didn’t feel my dick getting hard. We kept watching tv with my arm awkwardly limp on her stomach (still covered by her shirt). My mom always goes up first so when she got up I was immediately scared because my sister got up to hug her goodnight

My mom was gonna see my hard-on. But no, fast thinking saved me and I got up so I was sitting on the edge of the couch and acted like I was just rubbing my eyes so she just bent over and kissed my head and said, “goodnight”. Then she went up and my sister turned and looked at me and I looked at her. She glanced at my lap where my hard on was now clearly visible since I wasn’t hunched anymore.

“Why are you so excited?” She asked me. I swear my heart stopped for three seconds, I was very taken aback. I was also very, very aroused. She then skipped to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. After that she walked out of the room and upstairs to her bedroom. At that point I felt like I just dreamed what had happened. I thought about it for a few minutes then took out my dick and masturbated to the thought of it. I didn’t even got to me room I just came on the couch. (I made sure my cum just got on me though so the couch wouldn’t be cum stained). I cleaned up went upstairs and went to bed.

The next day she didn’t mention it and neither did I but next weekend the same thing happened except she didn’t ask why I was excited and just gave me a peck on the cheek and goodnight now a couples weeks later it’s kept up and she gives me kisses on the cheeks when we’re alone, like I was making my sandwich in the kitchen and she turned my head gave me a peck and then ran off to school. Every time I jerk off I think about her and idk what to do. How do I try to advance the relationship?